Saturday, September 01, 2012

Is Scotland Aboutfacing; Set to Assist Yesha Jews?

Scotland is one of the more extreme anti-Israel centers and movements.  The recent protests against the performances of Batsheva Dance Ensemble is one example (k/t=HG)

Support for something they call 'Palestine' is another.

But I caught the beginning of this headline,

Glasgow plans tribute to 



and was filled with anticipation.

Only to be disappointed.  The story is:

...plans are being drawn up in Glasgow for a permanent memorial to the settlers and also those who arrived in the city from Scotland's Highlands and Islands during the 1840s Potato Blight that ravaged much of northern Europe. The SNP in Glasgow has secured the support of its Labour rivals on the council for the tribute, which would bring the area into line with most other global cities to which the Irish emigrated during "An Gorta Mor".

...A motion put forward by the SNP councillor Feargal Dalton calls for recognition of "the significant cultural, economic and social impact of Ireland's An Gorta Mor and the Scottish Highland Potato Famine on the modern-day character of our great city" and "the efforts made by Glaswegians at the time to provide relief and sanctuary to those affected, a tradition that continues now as our city and its citizens continue to provide hope and assistance to those throughout the world affected by famine today".

And I thought by "settlers" they meant revenant Jews residing in their historic homeland.

So, misfortunates who flee for economic improvement to a foreign land will be honored while those who returned to their patrimony are to be opposed.

That is logic?




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aparatchik said...

Mr Medad, please note that a) there are not a lot of Scots in that photograph and b) those Scots who are anti-Israel are usually of Irish and/or leftist extraction and there is a lot of overlap between these two groups. Scottish protestants are traditionally pro-Israel, although the Protestant Church of Scotland - which is imploding rapidly - has jumped on the Pally bandwagon of late. Nevertheless, there are plenty of us who understand the history and support the progressive side.